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Manchester Evening News: Tom Murray on Q School
Article posted: 15 November 2018

If I can deal with what happened on the Challenge Tour I can definitely deal with being disqualified from Q School for being an idiot. 

- Tom Murray

Last week I wrote that missing out on my European Tour card was the lowest point of my career and that is still the case despite me being disqualified from Qualifying School only a few days later.

With the top 15 on the Challenge Tour getting European Tour playing rights for 2019, I finished one shot short and ended up 16th

Then it was on to Qualifying School in Spain where 25 players and ties get cards from a field of 156.

The last of six rounds is today but yesterday I was writing this before I went to the Trafford Centre, rather than trying to get the job finished.  

After two days I was in a strong position at seven under par and then it all went wrong. 

On Sunday I was playing with two fellow ISM players. Toby Tree had marked my card and later that evening he was looking at my scores on the app and texted the other member of our group Gavin Moynihan thinking they were wrong.  

Gav then texted my manager Jack Barber and I saw that it was wrong. On the 12th hole I made an eagle two but was down for a three and on the ninth I was down for a four instead of a five. 

The overall score was the same, but I’d signed the card, I phoned the recorders to let them know and was disqualified. 

I’d three-putted the last and was fuming. I just didn’t go through the normal process– it’s the first time in my career I haven’t checked through hole by hole – and because the overall score of 70 was correct, I just signed. There’s no excuse and it’s absolutely my own fault. 

As soon as it dawned on me, I just had that sinking feeling in my stomach and I can’t tell you what I thought. It was just horrible. It’s the first time I’ve ever been disqualified and after what had happened on the Challenge Tour the previous week, the 10 days couldn’t have been much worse professionally. 

I really hope Toby doesn’t feel bad about it. We’ve all made that mistake and I would never hold any hard feelings towards him at all. It was just unlucky for both of us.

People get disqualified for all sorts of things, but I wasn’t trying to gain an advantage and I didn’t gain an advantage. If you tried to explain to a non-golfer that I scored 70 and signed for 70 and was disqualified they might think it was stupid but they’re the rules and I have to hold my hands up. 

The frustrating thing was that I was convinced I would get my card. It sounds big headed, but I really believed I was going to do it and I was scoring well too. 

I woke up on Monday morning feeling horrible and went to watch Matt Nixon play a few holes. A few of the other players just hugged me because they didn’t know what to say. 

The way people have responded on social media has really meant a lot to me. It’s sunk in over the last few days and I have to look at it clearly. 

The category I missed through the Challenge Tour would have been a lot better and although I was going well at Q School and was confident there was still a long way to go, it’s not like I had a card and lost it in Spain. 

My schedule before Christmas won’t actually be that different and I still get in the Australian PGA and the SA Open. Then I’ll just see what I can do in the new year. 

It’s disappointing but I’ve been proud of the way I’ve taken the Challenge Tour disappointment and turned it into a driving force. I never felt sorry for myself and got straight back on it the next day, working in the gym, practicing, and I had a good rhythm going at Q School. 

I’ll do the same now and will be working hard on my game and be in the gym every day before I go to Australia. 

If I can deal with what happened on the Challenge Tour I can definitely deal with being disqualified from Q School for being an idiot. 

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