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Manchester Evening News: Moving Day for Matt Nixon
Article posted: 24 January 2019

You’re always messing about with your clubs, but the ball is the thing that you’re using for your livelihood for every shot.

- Matt Nixon

I’m hoping that my 2019 season will start two weeks today at the ISPS Handa Vic Open in Australia and I have to say I’ve never been more excited to get going in my life. 

My game feels good and myself and my girlfriend Rachel are moving into our first house today which has taken up a lot of time over the last few months. 

I haven’t played a tournament since South Africa at the start of December and it feels like a long time, even though we’ve been busy seeing solicitors, the bank and mortgage advisors and everything you need to do. 

It’s been a good time to do it because I can’t imagine having to do all this during a stretch of 12 out of 13 weeks on the road or something like that. It would weigh on your mind and it would be really tough being away. 

It’s scary and I’m nervous but I can’t wait. It’s been a bit of a distraction from my golf but I’m still going into the year knowing the areas that I’m focusing on, what I’m doing right and what I can improve. I’ve been able to work on my swing, neatening a few things out rather than just concentrating on performance, and am getting longer. 

I’ve been trying to get to the gym as much as possible and even though I haven’t been able to do as much as I might have liked, I’m fitter and stronger and I’ve gained clubhead speed. I’ve been playing well in practice, and even though you know that doesn’t always translate straight into tournaments, it’s a good thing. 

My fellow ISM client Simon Dyson retired last week, and it was great to try out his new performance business, Elite Golf Performance, as a trial run for him at Mottram Hall.

Any time you get with a six-time European Tour winner has to be beneficial and it’s nice to know that someone who has been there, done it and won so many times thinks I’m a good player and the work and testing we did supports where I believe my game is.  

He’s struggled ever since he needed wrist surgery and it makes you think because injuries and what you’re going to do after your playing days aren’t things that cross my mind too often if I’m honest. 

I’m using the Callaway ball for the first time in 2019 and even though I’ve started using their new driver, the Epic Flash, the ball is the biggest thing you can change.

You’re always messing about with your clubs, but the ball is the thing that you’re using for your livelihood for every shot. So far, I think I’m hitting it further and there’s more spin which is great. 

The season has already started, and the European Tour is in Dubai this week. Abu Dhabi, where they were last week, and Dubai are unbelievable events that I’ve played in two or three times before.

I’m sitting at home and it’s snowing and they’re in the sunshine playing for big money but only I can influence whether I’m there next year and I feel now ,more than any other time in my career, that I can really compete. 

Watching them has really spurred me on and I can’t wait to get going. I feel if I can carry on where I left off last year and add a bit more ammunition, maybe just a couple of per cent, I can do good things.  

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