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Manchester Evening News: Jacob Oakley on his EuroPro Tour chance
Article posted: 30 May 2019

The EuroPro Tour is going to be a lot less hassle for essentially the same opportunity. 


I’m playing on the EuroPro Tour for the second time this week, having made the decision to concentrate on that rather than the Alps Tour a few weeks back.

Both the EuroPro Tour, which is mainly tournaments in England and Scotland, and the Alps Tour feed into the Challenge Tour – which is one below the European Tour, and it’s going to be a much simpler route to where I want to get to be.

My status on the Alps Tour meant I was going to be getting in tournaments at the last minute and it’s more complicated trying to play in Europe. 

On the European Tour, all of the players stay in the same hotels and there’s transport laid on.

If I was playing on the Alps Tour, I’d be staying on my own and because I’m 21 car hire can be difficult so it was that little bit harder. I was looking forward to going to different places to play but I can drive to all of the EuroPro tournaments and share with mates. This is going to be a lot less hassle for essentially the same opportunity. 

At the moment I’m playing on invites but I’m on the Order of Merit now and I’m sure I’ll be able to focus on this. If you’re playing the odd event like I was on the Alps Tour, you never get that momentum, and even if I miss a cut on the EuroPro I’ve got the chance to get back into it the next week. 

This week it’s The Matchroom Sport Championship at Harleyford GC near Marlow, which started yesterday, and last week I finished tied for 27that the IFX Payments Championship at Palmerston in Welwyn.

Most of the tournaments are down South so you drive down on Monday and have a practice round, practice or play the pro-am on Tuesday, the tournament is Wednesday to Friday and then you have the weekend at home. 

Last week I didn’t really have my game, but I got the most out of what I had. My long game hasn’t felt great for a little while now, but it feels like it’s coming around again and I’m happy that I’m still scoring when it’s no there. I did some good work over the weekend with my coach so hopefully it can be a good week. 

I’m delighted to say that I’m now being sponsored by Senitor Recruitment. I’m really grateful to Tom Parker there for helping me. It certainly takes a bit of pressure off and it’s nice to be able to represent them.

Earlier in the month I got the chance to go along to the Betfred British Masters at Hillside and although it was a shame my fellow ISM player Matt Wallace didn’t win, it was a great event. 

Seeing a European Tour event always makes me want to get there as quickly as possible. 

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