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Manchester Evening News: Tom Murray on 2019
Article posted: 10 January 2019

New equipment is a bit like writing with the same pen all the time. You get used to it and when you change it feels a bit odd initially. 


- Tom Murray

Until Sunday, when I got back to it, I’ve had three weeks without touching a club and it’s been heaven to be honest! 

When I got home from South Africa, it felt like the year hit me like a wall and it’s been great to switch off. 

Even when we have a week off during the season, you might get back on the Monday, have a couple of days and then start preparing for the following week so this is the only time we really get to shut down all year and I’ve enjoyed it more than ever, almost forgetting I was a pro golfer for a couple of weeks. I let my diet go a bit and, even though I was going to the gym, I was really just ticking over.

I’m used to hitting balls every day and so it’s a bit strange after three or so weeks off but it’s just about getting that feel back. It’s nice because I’ve been able to get back into it when I’ve wanted to rather than target a specific date and I feel ready to get going again now.

My manufacturer Callaway have brought out a new driver, the Epic Flash, so I’m getting used to that. I’ve been getting some nice numbers with that already and I can see some results which makes it easier to trust it.

It’s a bit like writing with the same pen all the time. You get used to it and when you change it feels a bit odd initially. 

I’ve had the same three wood for about five years and cracked it in South Africa. It took me about three days to make an exact replica with the assistant pro, Olly Gray, at Didsbury but we’ve got there! 

I’m coached by the head pro at Didsbury Peter Barber, who I’ve known all my life. We’re very consistent with what we do and he’s a performance coach, helping me with everything, not just focusing on the swing but strategy, how to practice, how to prepare and mental stuff on the course. 

I always remember four years ago in Italy I was struggling and getting really angry on the course. I had one hour with him on the Monday of the following week and we just chatted, I didn’t hit a ball. 

He set me a mental challenge for that week at the Irish Challenge, just to be happy and stay positive, and I won! That’s a great example of how he works.

As a Manchester United fan, I’ve had the chance to get to Old Trafford a few times and I’m really happy with how things have turned around. Ole has been my hero since I was a kid so it’s a dream for me to see him in charge – probably more than is healthy! 

I went to Sale Sharks on Friday night, United on Saturday, the Manchester Storm on Sunday and I’m going to Salford at the weekend. I love sport and don’t get the chance to go to so much normally. 

I’m not sure for definite when my season will start, maybe in Australia in three weeks, but I’m excited to get going again.

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