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Manchester Evening News: David Horsey talks winning
Article posted: 13 June 2019

When you get in those situations you can get ahead of yourself, a little bit of doubt creeps in and you’re thinking ‘Don’t mess it up’.

- David Horsey

I’m at the BMW International Open in Munich next week and the nine years since I won there feels like a lifetime! 

The majority of us don’t win more than once a year and so the highs are a lot higher than for someone who is used to winning four a five a season. 

It was a lifechanging moment. I’d got my card and then finished second a few times and was chasing that first one. I wanted to win and that was my main goal. 

It was an incredible feeling and I was on cloud nine for a while. Once you click back into what you’re supposed to be doing it then becomes about proving it wasn’t not a fluke. 

I went into the tournament on the back of four missed cuts and wasn’t playing great. I had a gameplan and had worked hard on my wedges that week and it paid off, coming from behind on the final day and wasn’t in the final groups.

Coming up 18, which was a par five, myself and my caddy decided to lay up to 75 yards rather than go for the green and I made birdie from there, thinking it would probably get me in a play-off, but it was enough for the win.

When you get in those situations you can get ahead of yourself, a little bit of doubt creeps in and you’re thinking ‘Don’t mess it up’. It’s human nature, you don’t want to fail or embarrass yourself but you have to accept the nerves will be there and focus on what you can control. You know what you need to think but when you’re in the moment you have to control it and use it to your advantage. 

It’s been four years now since I’ve won but I’m working things out and finding a way to become a better player and I’m on a good path. 

I feel like I’m going there in some form and with a good history at the course. We’ve got Germany and then Valderrama in Spain which is all about fairways and putting and should suit me, then two Rolex Series tournaments – the Irish Open and Scottish Open – and hopefully I can sneak and Open spot.

This is my second week off and I had some time in Portugal last week at Quinta Do Lago, partly relaxing and partly practicing. 

Obviously, you’re living out of a suitcase still, but it was nice to get away with my girlfriend and do some work while I’m there in better weather than at home. 

I definitely feel like my game is on an upward trend. There have been some gradual improvements over the last few months when I’ve worked hard on the basics technically which have brought calmness, a better rhythm and some confidence. 

There’s a qualifier for the US Open at Walton Heath the week before the tournament but I decided not to play it this year. 

When you’re closer to getting in on merit it’s more realistic to think you can get through and go to the US Open and compete but when you’re not playing quite as well it can mess your schedule up a bit and at the moment I’m best focussing on the tournaments I’m in, which are on the European Tour. 

Some people might think that’s the wrong attitude but that’s my take on it. I’ll be keeping an eye on Pebble Beach this weekend because there’s nothing like watching the best in the world playing under extreme pressure. 

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