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Chubby Chandler: Thrilling progress from Chris Lloyd
Article posted: 30 June 2017

Chris Lloyd has all the talent there is to get to the top. 

- Chubby Chandler

The story of Chris Lloyd is a very interesting one... and a lesson for all those youngsters who start losing the way in their chosen profession.

Over the years, I've had to be critically honest with several of our players, but I can't ever remember being as straightforward as I was with the extremely-talented lad from Bristol.

The Tour's a lonely place sometimes and it can get on top of you, mess with your mind and make you wonder if you really want all the hard work, dedication and focus every player needs to succeed.

Chris visited that place and gave it all up, opting to work on a building site to try to discover what he wanted to do.

After seven months, he started to play golf again, enjoyed it and decided to give it another shot. Despite a tough time at Tour School he went to South Africa, finished second in the Dimension Data and continued to show a bit of form.

But by the time he got to Zambia just over a month ago, he'd slipped back a bit and was starting to have doubts again.

That's when I decided that I had to be honest with him.  In fact, I gave him the biggest rollicking I've ever dispensed to one of ISM's players.

You see, Chris has all the talent there is to get to the top, but I had to tell him that to get there, you have to put in the hard work - get on the range and in the gym, graft and fight for it.  

The penny must have dropped and his good friend and former Tour colleague Chris Wood said to me at the US Open: "I don't know what you've said to Lloydy, but he seems to have got the message".

In the last month, Chris has won twice in successive weeks on the EuroPro Tour and he's enough tournaments left to collect a £250,000 bonus should he win another two.

Now that's quite an incentive and it's well within Chris's capabilities.

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