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Chubby Chandler: Pete Uihlein back in the swing
Article posted: 09 February 2017

Peter Uihlein's infectious smile is once again lighting up the world's fairways.

With his injury woes of last year now behind him, Peter is using his medical exemptions to good effect and his top 10 in Dubai was his second of the year.

It is no coincidence either that Peter's return to good form has come after linking up with Els Club, Dubai-based coach Justin Parsons.

The transformation in Peter's swing is even noticeable to my untutored eye and mostly at the start of the backswing.  

Whatever it is has certainly ensured the American is back in the swing of things.

I have no reservations at all in saying that Peter has the ability to get right to the top of the game and I anticipate he will be heading there very quickly.

The same goes for George Coetzee, another who missed a lot of last year although the ankle injury suffered on a surf board hasn't stopped the South African taking on the waves whenever the opportunity arises.

Both Peter and George, who also top-tenned in Dubai, have used their exemptions this week and don't be surprised if either or both are contending in Kuala Lumpur.

And keep an eye out for one of our latest clients, Dominic Foos, playing in the South African PGA.  The teenage German is extremely talented and another under the tutelage of Justin Parsons.

There's plenty happening all round the globe and we're getting ever closer to smelling the Augusta azalea.  

Nobody's nostrils will be keener to take in the heady Georgia air than Louis Oosthuizen, third in Phoenix last week and so close for a few years now at The Masters.

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