About ISM

We are ISM, a sports management company based in Cheshire, England, that represents leading figures from golf and rugby.

Founded in 1989 by former European Tour golfer Andrew "Chubby" Chandler, our golf clients include Open champion Darren Clarke and four-time European Tour winner Matt Wallace.

The Team

Andrew 'Chubby' Chandler
Group Chief Executive Officer of ISM

For a player embarking on a career on the world’s fairways, it is a minefield. There are more mistakes to be made, not all of them on the golf course, than can possibly be imagined. I had 15 years of it and, believe me, I made all the mistakes - at least twice. I was known by some on the Tour as the man to go to for help with a cheap flight, a bargain hotel or even the best route to the next tournament. This experience helped me in my decision to start a management company. Through making mistakes I know the pitfalls to be wary of and it is now my job to help others to avoid them. By smoothing out the administrative, marketing and logistical difficulties for a player, he can concentrate 100% on his game without outside worries. It sounds simple, but I feel it is essential if he is to be successful.

Golf on tour is a job and it must be treated as such. There is no way that, faced with the amount of travel and practice required just to stay on the Tour, a player who, by definition, is not a business administrator, marketing executive or salesman, can keep his affairs in order or promote himself. Worrying about a tax return, hotel room or flight ticket is not helpful when you should be concentrating on your game. The quality of player in the International Sports Management stable and results they achieve demonstrates that our philosophy is right for them. When I started the firm we were a small family with four players. We have grown but I don't want to lose the feeling of being a family. It is how the company has always been and continues to work nicely.

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